Children and Youth

I have been very keen to encourage the engagement of children and youth from across the world in the various activities I have been organising all over the world. Together with various partners across the world, for more than 30 years I have led several initiatives aim to encourage the engagement of children and youth from across the world to help their communities. The entire concept of sustainable development is about the future and the future is all about the children and youth! Youth population is growing rapidly in all regions of the world and we are very keen to understand the children and youth perspectives and expectations for their future to help them be ready to grasp the various opportunities generated in the digital economy. I strongly believe our children and youth should be the cornerstone of any strategy by all governments and policy makers. We must listen to our children and youth and more importantly how we can help our youth with their future employment plans and aspirations. I am very keen to make the voice of all our children and youth heard and consequently enabling the decision makers to consider those views and ideas in their big decisions. If you would like more details about my work with children and youth, please contact Janet Snow (