Given the current global lockdown from the Coronavirus pandemic, I have been organising various awareness events such as seminars, roundtable debates, interviews, etc live on Facebook page using live streaming applications. I also regularly run various training workshops on the key factors that can help people understand and cope with the various consequences of Covid 19.

Health and Well-Being: At the start of the pandemic and lockdown, many people in the community were very fearful about what to do and how they can protect themselves at home! Despite being asthmatic and diabetic myself, I have been determined to be available on the phone almost 24 hours a day to help others in the community. Furthermore, being from a Sudanese background, our community lost many Sudanese doctors and paramedical team members and therefore I have tried my best to help the community to cope with their loses as well as those who were admitted to hospitals for Covid-19. I have provided support and help to many families in the community many of them did not have local support in their local areas. This included huge efforts communicating with my colleagues and friends in the NHs and Medical Schools learning from them how to help many of the people in the community who felt very anxious and unsupported.

Children Assembly: Together with Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikr (Highly respected Muslim Scholar and Education Consultant) and Lena Alam (Y5 Pimlico Primary), I have been organising live on Facebook page various assemblies (so far 41) for children who are sitting at home during these difficult times because of the Coronavirus. Children are our future and we must provide all the care for them; however, nurturing is the most important element in their upbringing. We managed to put together subjects that will not only help the children but the family as a whole. Our aim is to do more of these assemblies even if the children go back to school in the future. We will be grateful if you can give us feedback and suggested topics for future assemblies. Please be kind enough to share the link with others to spread the benefit.

Spiritual Healing: The day of Jomaa it is given this name because Muslims gather in it at Zohar time to preform Salat al-Jomaa. Jomaa is the day Allah (SW) created Adam (AS), then entered into Janah and removed from it on Jomaa as well. It is also going to be the day of resurrection. The Khutbah plays a great role in the spiritual life of the Muslim, therefore we decided to deliver the Khutbah every Friday because of the Coronavirus lockdown. This is primarily to continue the spiritual development of Muslims while they are unable to attend the prayer in the Mosque. This will continue until the lockdown is totally lifted and we hope that you can share the link with others.

Global Conferences: As a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, for the first time since its inception, I led the Annual Conference of the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) to be organised remotely via video conference technologies. In doing so, we will use the latest technology in video conferencing from London with participants from all-over the world connecting from homes. 

Big Interviews and Roundtable Debates: Utilising my international networks of experts and key leaders from across the world, I started various initiatives to help in the rapid generation and diffusion of knowledge within the community. I managed to provide all people with the best available scientific evidence about various topics such as the Coronavirus pandemic, to enable better understanding of the scope and challenges facing people in the UK and across the world. I have organised more than 20 Big Interviews and 50 Global Minds Debates featuring global experts and senior academics from the USA, UK, St Lucia, Sudan, Bahrain, Japan, UAE and Saudi Arabia.