Sudan Knowledge (SK) is an academic and highly professional organisation aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and information about Sudan and actively promote the potential of all Sudanese Diaspora across the world to achieve sustainable development in Sudan. And although Politics permeates many endeavours across disciplines and sub-disciplines, SK does not promote any kind of political views and ideologies that do not efficiently supports knowledge sharing and interaction among the different stakeholders in and outside Sudan. All resources available in SK (digital library, useful links, experts directory, etc) are free of charge and very easy to search. You can simply search by topics (“technology transfer”, “agriculture”, “sustainability”, “knowledge management”, “business excellence”, etc), authors (“Allam Ahmed”) or any kind of keywords you looking for. Please browse all resources available and contact us if you think we can assist you further with all information available in SK. We are also very keen to share our global network knowledge and expertise with the media/press. Please contact us directly if you have any media/press inquiries or if you are looking for an expert comment on a particular subject.

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The key objectives of Sudan Knowledge are to:
  • Play a significant role in bridging the knowledge divide between Sudan and the rest of the world and therefore help in the rapid generation and diffusion of knowledge within Sudan.
  • Provide ordinary people, students, academics, professionals, researchers, policymakers, etc with the best available scientific evidence, to enable better understanding of the different opportunities and challenges facing Sudan.
  • Establish a network and directory of Sudanese experts across the world and inside Sudan.
  • Organise workshops, seminars, working groups, etc to undertake different national, regional and global activities and projects.

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Big Interview with Dr. Hania Morsi Fadl - OBE and founder of Khartoum Breast Care Centre

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